Name Index B

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  2. Click on the reference number after the name.

Bailey, 3457-35f

Baley, 3458-36f

Ball, 3457-31b

Barlow??, 3457-8f

Barlow, 3457-18b

Barlow, 3457-25b

Barlow, 3457-30f

Barlow, 3457-36b

Barlow, 3458-35f

Baslow, 3457-4b

Beard, 3457-4f

Beard, 3457-26f

Beard, 3457-26b

Beard, 3457-31f

Beard, 3457-37b

Beardshaw, 3457-15f

Beardshaw, 3457-36b

Beaumont, 3457-32b

Bedford, 3457-7b

Beet, 3457-10f

Belwood, 3457-29b

Bennett, 3457-11b

Bennett, 3457-17f

Bennett, 3457-17f

Bighton??, 3457-19b

Booker, 3457-6b

Boulding??, 3457-14f

Boulding, 3457-25f

Boulding, 3457-30f

Boulding, 3457-30f

Bower, 3457-34b

Bradley, 3457-8b

Bramall, 3457-24f

Brear, 3457-28b

Brears, 3457-19b

Brears, 3457-19b

Brier??, 3458-36b

Briggs, 3457-24b

Briggs, 3457-24b

Briman??, 3457-11b

Broadhead, 3457-34f

Brown, 3457-23b

Brownhill, 3457-5b

Bulger, 3457-24f

Burkhead, 3457-5a

Burkinshaw, 3458-37b

Butcher, 3457-36f

Butterworth, 3457-12f

Button, 3457-14b