RG9 - 3457 - ED2 - Folio 31f

No. of Schedule ROAD STREET &c and No. or NAME of HOUSE Name and Surname of each person RELATION to head of Family CONDITION as to Marriage Age last birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
    William Gleadall Lodger Unm 28 Plumper Glazier & Painter Yorks Ecclesfield
    Thomas Swain Lodger Widow 56 Farm Labourer Warks Nuneaton
88 Ecclesfield Edmund Hemmingfield Head Marr 36 File Cutter & Inn Keeper Yorks Morsbro
    Lydia Hemmingfield Wife Marr 41   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Tom Hemmingfield Son   14 File Cutter Yorks Ecclesfield
    George Hemmingfield Son   12 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield
    Sam Hemmingfield Son   10 Scholar Yorks Ecclesfield
89 Ecclesfield Charles Nicholson Head Marr 50 Coal Miner Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary Ann Nicholson Wife Marr 50   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Eliza Sophia Nicholson Daur Unm 9   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Jane Roe Lodger Unm 19   Yorks Wadsley Bridge
    John Henry Roe Lodger   8 mo   Yorks Ecclesfield
90 Ecclesfield William Beard Head Marr 39 Hearthenware Dealer Publican & Grocer Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary Ann Beard Wife Marr 37 Wife Yorks Ecclesfield
    Edith Beard Daur Unm 17   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Joe Beard Son Unm 15 Iron Moulder Yorks Ecclesfield
    William Beard Son Unm 13 Scholar Yorks Ecclesfield
91 Ecclesfield George Catton?? Head Marr 57 Registrar of Births & Deaths Yorks Barnsley
    Mary Catton Wife Marr 59??   Yorks Chapletown
    George Catton Son Unm 27 Butcher Yorks Chapletown
    Henry Catton Son Unm 23 File Hardner Yorks Chapletown
    Mary Ann Catton Daur Unm 18 House Servant Yorks Ecclesfield
    Emma Catton Gr Daur   11 mo   Yorks Ecclesfield

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