RG9 - 3457 - ED1 - Folio 11b

No. of Schedule ROAD STREET &c and No. or NAME of HOUSE Name and Surname of each person RELATION to head of Family CONDITION as to Marriage Age last birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
80 Ecclesfield William Watson Head Marr 23 Brace Bit Filer Yorks Thorpe Hesley
    Sarah Ann Watson Wife Marr 23   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Elizabeth Watson Daur   5 weeks   Yorks Ecclesfield
81 Strawberry Cottage James Ridge Head Marr 35 File Cutter farming 6 acres Yorks Ecclesfield
    Sarah Ridge Wife Marr 35   Norfolk Stowe Beadon
    William Ridge Son Unm 17 File Cutter Yorks Ecclesfield
    Joseph Ridge Son Unm 15 File Cutter Yorks Ecclesfield
82 Strawberry Cottage Hannah Briman?? Head Widow 71   Derbs Eckington
83 Strawberry Cottage William Ridge Head Marr 39 Joiners Tool Manufacturer employing 3 boys Yorks Ecclesfield
    Hannah Ridge Wife Marr 38   Yorks Fellbeck
    Elizabeth Carr Ado'd Daur   10   Yorks Rawmarsh
    Elizabeth Handley Visitor Marr 27   Yorks Ecclesfield
    John Handley Visitor   4   Yorks Sheffield
    Rosean Handley Visitor   2   Yorks Sheffield
84 Strawberry Road Thomas Ridge Head Unm 29 Gimblet Maker Yorks Ecclesfield
    Sarah Ann Smithies?? Servant Unm 27   Yorks Sheffield
    Nathan?? Houlden Lodger Unm 16 Gimblet Filer Yorks Sheffield
85 High Greave Harriet Cleathero Head Unm 50 Victualler Yorks Ecclesfield
    Elizabeth Cleathero Mother Widow 82   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary Cleathero Sister Unm 55   Yorks Ecclesfield
85 (this mistake is on the original) High Greave James Bennett Head Marr 31 Ironstone Miner Yorks Ecclesfield
    Charlotte Bennett Wife Marr 34   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary E Bennett Daur   3   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Robert J Bennett Son   2   Yorks Ecclesfield
    William G Bennett Son   5 mo   Yorks Ecclesfield

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