RG9 - 3457 - ED1 - Folio 14f

No. of Schedule ROAD STREET &c and No. or NAME of HOUSE Name and Surname of each person RELATION to head of Family CONDITION as to Marriage Age last birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
    John Jubb Boarder Unm 21 Fork Maker Yorks ??
103 Wraggwheel Thomas Cooper Head Marr 40 Fork grinder Yorks Ecclesfield
    Maria Cooper Wife Marr 38   Yorks Burncross
    Elizabeth Cooper Daur   12 Fork filer Yorks Grenoside
    Sarah Cooper Daur   10 Do. Yorks Grenoside
    Sidney Cooper Son   8 Scholar Yorks Ecclesfield
    Joseph Cooper Son   5 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary A. Cooper Daur   4 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield
    Case?? Cooper Daur   1 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield
    Tom Cooper Son   4 mo   Yorks Ecclesfield
    William Surgey Apprentice Unm 18 Fork grinder Yorks Ecclesfield
104 Wraggwheel Alfred Tingle Head Marr 34 Fork maker employing 1 man Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary Tingle Wife Marr 30   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Myra Tingle Daur   4   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Thomas Tingle Son   2   Yorks Ecclesfield
    George F Tingle Son   3 mo   Yorks Ecclesfield
    William Cooper Servant Unm 19 Fork maker and grinder Yorks Ecclesfield
    Frank Owen Servant Unm 18 Do. Notts ??
    Sarah Boulding?? Servant Unm 15   Yorks Leeds
    John B Greaves Servant apprentice Unm 11 Fork maker (apr) Yorks Sheffield
105 Common Side Joseph Thompson Head Widow 32 Carter Notts ??
    Sarah A Armitage Servant Unm 25 House servant Yorks Sheffield
106 Common Side Joseph Winterbottom Head Marr 65 Road labourer Yorks Bolsover Hill
    Mary Winterbottom Wife Marr 59   Yorks Bradfield

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