RG9 - 3457 - ED1 - Folio 13b

No. of Schedule ROAD STREET &c and No. or NAME of HOUSE Name and Surname of each person RELATION to head of Family CONDITION as to Marriage Age last birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
    Edmund Kirkby Apprentice Unm 13 Fork Maker and Grinder (appr) Yorks Ecclesfield
98 Wraggwheel George Tingle Head Marr 58 Fork Maker Yorks Ecclesfield
99 Wraggwheel William Henderson Head Marr 21 Fork Grinder Yorks Ecclesfield
    Sarah Ann Henderson Wife Marr 20 Dressmaker Sussex Arendel
100 Wraggwheel Joseph Andrew Head Marr 38 Fork Maker employing 3 boys 1 man Yorks Ecclesfield
    Lydia Andrew Wife Marr 37   Yorks Common??
    Anne Andrew Daur   7   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Thomas Andrew Son   4   Yorks Ecclesfield
    George Andrew Son   1   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Charles Rowbottom Apprentice Unm 20 Fork Maker and Grinder Yorks Ecclesfield
    William Osburn Apprentice Unm 18 Do. Norfolk Swainsea??
    Christopher Green Apprentice Unm 15 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield
101 Wraggwheel Thomas Tingle Head Marr 67 Fork Maker Yorks Ecclesfield
    Esther Tingle Wife Marr 63   Yorks Masbro
    Ann Tingle Daur Unm 17   Yorks Ecclesfield
    John Tingle Apprentice Unm 15 Fork Maker Yorks Pitsmore
102 Wraggwheel George Winter Head Marr 43 Wood Model Maker Derbs Chesterfield
    Sarah Winter Wife Marr 44   Notts Gateford
    Emma Winter Daur Unm 21   Notts Gateford
    William Winter Son Unm 19 Stove Fitter Yorks Sheffield
    Thomas Winter Son   13 Iron Moulder Derbs Brampton
    John F Winter Son   11 Scholar Derbs Brimmington
    Henry A Winter Son   8 Scholar Yorks Sheffield
    Mary E Winter Daur   5 Do. Yorks Sheffield
Cont'd on next page   Ann E Winter Daur   3 Do. Yorks Ecclesfield

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