All the floats assembled in Station Road, where the judging was held and then the whole parade embarked upon a mammoth journey. The route went from Ecclesfield via Grenoside to Wadsley Bridge, then past the Sheffield Infirmary and through the city  to Moorfoot.

Hospital Parade on the Moor

Early Hospital Parade at a location in Sheffield, possibly the Moor

The return was via the Wicker, Firth Park, Shiregreen and back through the village to Stocks Hill, by which time it would be around 8.00 pm. The day concluded with a feast beside the Ball Inn.

A feature of the parade was the team of 'Plough Bullocks'. A plough was put on a low cart and pulled by a team of ploughmen who all wore old-fashioned agricultural smocks and top hats accompanied by blacked-up faces. They were driven by a leader in similar garb who whipped them with several pigs' bladders tied to a stick. Along the way numerous stops were made at hostelries where the thirsty Plough Bullocks would be 'watered' with beer drunk from an old galvanised bucket.