Most of the entries are records of births, marriages and deaths, but some relate to more important happenings in the village.

            A Great Snaw Fell on Easter Sunday

            George Dearden Transported at Pontefract Sessions in April [was this the same George Dearden who enlisted in 1782?]

            Mr. W. Fairbanks Surveyed they Town Street For they Inclosure of they Common and Wast grounds Augt. 18th. In Ecclesfield.

            Old Nichols and Nanney his House Keeper Married Sepr 30.

            Joseph Berkinshaw File Cutter and Elizth. Woodcock Dought. of Jno. Woodcock married November 5th. Ecclesfield Statutes. [Statutes were the annual meetings for hiring servants, especially those employed in animal husbandry]


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