Juliana and Rex stayed in Canada for two years, returning to England in 1869. During this posting she had persevered with her writing, sending stories and articles for publication in Aunt Judy's Magazine.

After the death of her mother in 1873, Juliana took over the production of Aunt Judy's. She achieved this whilst moving from one military camp to another and by 1879 Rex had been moved to Malta. Juliana was to have followed him at a later date but was taken ill on the journey and had to return to London.

Rex was again transferred in 1881, this time to Ceylon. Juliana's health was not up to such a long journey and living in a harsh climate and so she stayed behind.

Her health continued to deteriorate, yet she continued with her writing. In the early part of 1885 she moved to Bath for a change of air but she was in great pain and had to undergo an operation. In May her doctors recommended a second operation but before this could be performed she died on the 13th.

She was not buried at her beloved Ecclesfield, but in Trull churchyard, where she was given a military funeral.

She was the author of some 32 books for children, some of which were: -


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