RG9 - 3457 - ED1 - Folio 10b

No. of Schedule ROAD STREET &c and No. or NAME of HOUSE Name and Surname of each person RELATION to head of Family CONDITION as to Marriage Age last birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
    Mary Ridge Daur   7   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Elizabeth Ridge Daur   3   Yorks Ecclesfield
70 Ecclesfield Charlotte Needham Head Widow 35 Charwoman Yorks Ecclesfield
    Mary Ann Needham Daur Unm 19 Works at Paper Mill Derbs Eckington
    Elizabeth Needham Daur Unm 15 Do. Derbs Eckington
    Joseph Needham Son   13 Collier Derbs Killamarsh
    Adalade Needham Daur   10   Derbs Killamarsh
    Frederick Needham Son   8   Derbs Mossbro
    Willis Needham Son   4   Yorks Ecclesfield
71 Ecclesfield Martha Heeley Head Widow 56 Chare Woman?? Yorks Sheffield
    Ann Heeley Daur Unm 26   Yorks Sheffield
    Abraham Heeley Son Unm 24 Engine Tenter Yorks Sheffield
    Elizabeth Heeley Daur Unm 17   Yorks Ecclesfield
72 Ecclesfield Hannah Roe Head Marr 51 Washerwoman Yorks Bolton
    Ann Roe Daur Unm 26   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Hannah Roe Daur Unm 15   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Henry Roe Son   8 Scholar Yorks Ecclesfield
73 Ecclesfield John Widdowson Head Marr 37 Carter Yorks West Melton
    Sarah Widdowson Wife Marr 33   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Elizabeth Widdowson Daur   12   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Thomas Widdowson Son   10   Yorks Ecclesfield
    Sarah Widdowson Daur   8   Yorks Ecclesfield
    George Widdowson Son   6   Yorks Ecclesfield
    William Widdowson Son   2   Yorks Ecclesfield
    John Widdowson Son   6 mo??   Yorks Ecclesfield

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