Scotch Jimmy Robinson a Bag Pipe Player Died Feb. 8th. in they Summer Hall Ecclesfield

Spence Broughton Executed at York April 15th and Hung in chains afterwards upon Attercliffe Common [ The Sheffield Register says: "1791 Oct 25 Spence Broughton, John Oxley & Wm Shaw examined at the Town Hall before N. Bond esq., on a charge of robbing the mail near Sheffield, and 1792 April 14 Spence Broughton executed at York for robbing the Rotherham mail near Sheffield. 16 - hung in chains on Attercliffe Common" (The spot where the body was gibbetted is commemorated today in the street name Broughton Lane)

William Lister of Birley Edge Died January 2. (1793) [Birley Edge is in so bleak a situation that a local wit said he did not shave on a Sunday morning, but just went up to the base of the cross there and stuck first one side and then the other side of his face out, and the wind shore off his whiskers as clean as a whistle.]

Joseph Hobson Laith burnt down May 5. [Laith, a barn]

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